Delegation from the Republic of Armenia

On November 2, 2021, the leadership of Dairy Global Experts and the Association of Milk Producers received a delegation from the Republic of Armenia.

The head of Dairy Global Experts, Oleksandr Valabniy, spoke about the factors and prerequisites for the rapid dynamics of industrial livestock breeding and the prospects for the export of pedigree animals from Ukraine.

Also, the Armenian delegation visited "Kishchentsy" LLC - a member of the APM and met with representatives of the association.

During the conversation with the General Director of APM Hanna Lavrenyuk, the delegates were interested in the possibilities of cooperation (exchange of experience, organization of educational programs and trainings).

After all, it is on the basis of "Kishchentsy" LLC that an innovative training center, Dairy Center Kischenzi, operates, in which more than 2000 representatives from neighboring countries have passed courses.