Dairy Global Experts Company is engaged in designing and construction of dairy farms with loose and tethered housing of cattle. The design and construction takes into account specialization of cattle breeding: dairy, meat, meat and milk. Also, geographical location of farms and climate conditions are considered. Complexes can be built from metalwork and sandwich panels (including tent coverings), from precast concrete structures (columns, trussed arched girders, and ceiling slabs), from reinforced concrete with filling of the external openings with brick walls; from wooden structures. Foundations are performed depending on the kind and type of local soils. The roof is made depending on local weather conditions (wind and snow loads, wind rose, etc.).

Animal management, fodder supply, herd reproduction, milk and meat production, storage and processing of manure – all of these are the parts of the whole that can’t be implemented separately. That's why we work on a turnkey basis. Individual approach to every project in conjunction with the world best technology and equipment leads to high results of operational processes on family farms, medium and large-scale dairy farms.

In this focus area we offer the following services:

  • development of a master plan for the complex of 50-2,400 heads;
  • designing of a commercial dairy farm;
  • full technological escort of commercial dairy farm construction;
  • farm management;
  • introduction of modern technologies.

Deliveries of modern equipment to dairy farms is the key to the profitability of milk production. The equipment of leading world producers meets all norms and standards and can significantly increase the profitability of your farm.