Stuff recruitment and training

Stuff recruitment and training is an integral part of Dairy Global Experts activity. Counsultation Center – it is about 50 practitioners with years of experience, which are the main carriers of knowledge and new technologies in our company.

They are scientists, professors at universities, lecturers and speakers at international dairy conferences and congresses, researchers dairy markets at the request of FAO and EBRD. Annually our consultants take part in trainings and skill upgradings in the US, Germany, Poland, Canada and Israel. From around the world, they bring new technologies and approaches of dairy business, adapt and implement them  into their daily work, and also share their knowledge and experience with students and specialists of the post-soviet countries during seminars and training.

Training in Counseling Center Dairy Global Experts is an opportunity to get not only theoretical knowledge, but also receive practical training on the best farms in Ukraine under the guidance of our consultants.

During a course at your disposal there will be:

  • The best teachers of the Private National Agrarian University at Dairy Global Experts.
  • Flexible and affordable schedule of training (from 2 weeks to 10 months).
  • Specially equipped classrooms.
  • Access to technologies that are used of DGE.
  • The practical base (more than 120 farms with differenthousing systems (free and fixed); of breeding and commercial status; medium, small, and big scale; with different types of milking equipment and other features).
  •  Mastitis and feed laboratory.
  • A special course on herd management program.
  • Meetings with specialized associations, government officials, visits to milk processing plants and more.

We offer to complete the training on the following areas:

  • Cattle breeding
  • Crop production

Our programs and trainings designed for:

  • Farm managers
  • Veterinarians
  • Zootechnicians 
  • Agriculturist

There are separately developed training programs for A.I. operators,  farm managers, milking and hoof trimming operators.

On the basis of the Counsultation Center of Dairy Global Experts a recruitment agency operates, and one of our services is staff recruitment for Your farm. We have a database of potential experts (veterinarians, livestock specialists, agronomists, farm managers) from all over Ukraine, who are willing to work on your farm on a regular basis. We provide a summary of the candidates, arrange interviews, provide trainigs on member-farms of Association of Milk Producers of Ukraine. As a part of the contract on staff recruitment we pledge to nominate candidates until you find the appropriate the appropriate one. Our advantage is that experts selected and trained by our consultants will have access to technologies used by Counsultation Center of AМР and always be able to remotely consult and ask for recommendations from our experts (e.g. on issues of formulating of proper diet or the planning of veterinary measures etc.).
To review the agricultural market of Ukraine and to learn from the experience of Ukrainian agribusiness, we invite delegations of farmers, agribusiness investors, financial institutions and government to visit Ukraine in agro tours lasting from 3 to 7 days. While you are in Ukraine, you can visit commercial dairy farms, crop farms, elevators, producers of equipment for livestock and crop production, meet with key-players of the agricultural market and representatives of professional associations.

We can organize a familiarization tour for you as a part of some event or as a separately at any convenient time. We arrange meetings and visits according to your wishes and dates of staying in Ukraine!